Experience PEAK Principles

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"The power of Chip's book is even more real in person. Bringing the material to life invited me to think even more deeply about how to incorporate this wisdom into my business. I highly recommend the seminar to anyone who takes the success of his or her company seriously."

- Ari Derfel, CEO and Entrepreneur

Pyramid of Apples

When you are ready to engage in your business relationships in a manner that will intensify their commitment, we have a one-day program to kick-start your efforts.

  • Participants in this seminar will explore  Chip Conley’s PEAK principles and framework and its application in organizations.
  • Begin your organization’s conversation about how to improve business performance by deepening relationships with your  key stakeholders and attending to your culture.
  • This is also a popular public  seminar for professional associations or Chambers of Commerce.

“Investor Pride of Ownership. Customer Evangelism. Employee Inspiration. This is what is created at the transformative peak of the pyramid.”

- Chip Conley

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  • To adopt a new perspective about your organization’s key stakeholder relationships
  • To discover the needs of various stakeholders and generate ideas to address their higher needs
  • To begin a collective conversation about your culture and how well it supports your organization’s future vision and strategies
  • By strengthening your stakeholder relationships and culture, your organization will further differentiate itself in the marketplace